Inc. to Acquire a Skill Based System for Online IDN Poker Gaming in the U.S.




VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Inc. (OTCBB:PKER – News) announced today that the Company has entered into a letter of intent to purchase a provisional patent application and all the assets in relation to a skill based system of online gaming which includes the games of Skill Poker and Skill BlackJack from Blue Diamond International Capital Inc. of Switzerland. The acquisition is subject to the parties entering into a definitive agreement and to receiving confirmation that the provisional patent is for a skill based gaming system.


Pursuant to the proposed acquisition, on closing, Inc. would pay US$50,000 and issue 3,000,000 common shares to Blue Diamond International Capital Inc. In addition, the Company would pay, until 2099, the greater of US$3,500 per month or 4% of the network maintenance fees earned by the Company from operating games using the provisional patent technology.


The provisional patent application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office covers a system of determining the skill level in a tournament setting for many different card games including all forms of poker. Inc. will acquire ownership of all materials in relation to the games of Skill Poker and Skill Blackjack, in addition to the domain names,,, and


Currently, most online gaming operators are located in offshore jurisdictions in order to avoid U.S. gaming laws. In relation to processing credit card transactions for online gaming, up to 30% of all gambling related credit card transactions are denied as banks will not honor illegal gaming debts. Inc. intends to operate an online poker IDN Poker card room based in the U.S. and expects universal acceptance by banks engaging in credit card transactions with little or no deposit rejection. plans to use the concepts in the provisional patent to develop the software to enable it to operate its own skill based online poker card rooms to market directly to players in the United States, Canada and worldwide. Once developed, Inc.’s poker card room will be the only online system of gaming …

judi slot


SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (Dec. 16, 1999)— has unveiled its one-of-a-kind betfrequent loyalty program which awards customers with free prizes and merchandise for gambling on their site.

Similar to Las Vegas casino comp programs where gamblers are “rated” and can earn free lodging and meals, betmaker has teamed with other e-businesses such as and to provide some of the prizes.

Each time a bettor places a wager they earn a fixed amount of points that can later be exchanged for gift certificates at online stores, additional wagering opportunities or merchandise. Bettors can also earn enough points for a $50 gift certificate each time they refer a friend to

According to betfrequent coordinator, Susan Mora, “there is no other sportsbook and casino on the net that allows you to earn points each time you make a wager. Each and every day the competition gets tougher and tougher. When we started out, there were only three other internet sportsbooks—now there are close to 600. We are constantly evolving and looking for innovative ways to attract new customers and better serve the ones we already have. This is our way of saying ‘thank you for choosing betmaker.’”

About ( is one of the world’s largest internet sports wagering companies. The company was founded in 1996 as Global judi slot  Sports Connection and has built a solid reputation based on its first-class customer service, quick payouts and state-of-the-art fiber optic satellite telecommunication technology. betmaker offers wagers on worldwide sporting events including NFL, NCAA Football, Major League Baseball, NBA, NCAA Basketball, NHL, boxing, tennis, golf, auto racing, horse racing and European soccer. The company serves a multicultural-multilingual, constantly growing community of sports enthusiasts and recreational bettors; whose needs for intense entertainment are always met.

College football fans can go bowling for dollars on Web

Bowlnet challenges college football fans to pick the winners of all 23 major bowl games.

The contest site at features a page that shows which team is favored by Bowlnet players in each bowl. The favorites page updates after each entry.

The site also …


Support for introduction of `good casinos’

Good casinos _ legalised gambling establishments with strong regulations _ would do no harm, Chulalongkorn lecturer Pornsak Pongpaew believes.


He said the need for good casinos became apparent because casinos across the border were unregulated, and in effect served as money laundering places.


The lecturer also believes good casinos will help help block money flowing out of the country from Thai gamblers who visit cross-border gambling venues in the East, North, and South.


Mr Pornsak led a research team on “The problems of border casinos,” which found that more than 95% of gamblers visiting border casinos were Thai and included many prominent politicians.


It also showed that more than 55 per cent of respondents, while aware of the negative impact of gambling, supported the idea of legalised casinos.


His research showed money laundering happened in two ways at border casinos _ casino operators laundered their illicit money through the business, while gamblers changed their money into betting chips and then cashed them in again without gambling.


Smoking bans apply to Vic gaming areas from today


MELBOURNE, Sept 1 AAP – Almost all Victorian gaming venues will be completely smoke-free from today. Under laws introduced by state government, smoking will be banned in 99 per cent of Victorian gaming venues, including the main gaming floor of Crown Casino and the state’s 23 bingo centres. About 5,000 pubs will also have to provide smoke-free areas. Only pubs with just one bar area will be exempt from the requirement. Announcing the expansion of the bans last week, Health Minister John Thwaites said it followed the success of smoke-free dining, which had overwhelming community support. He said further smoking bans were possible, depending on the success of the new reforms. “The public are voting with their feet. They are saying they want a safe, smoke-free environment,” he said.


“Clearly, they know their customers better,” says Todd Jordan, an analyst at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Inc. and the Wall Street Journal’s No. 1 gaming stockpicker this year. “That’s translated into better same-store sales than the industry average,” Jordan …

ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล

CasinoGuru Best Of Awards

Triple the Action at AAA Gaming

The wild west of bygone days was an untamed frontier where, after a hard day of prospecting or cattle rustling, a man could enter any saloon and find a great card game in action or a crap shoot in the corner. But while hustlers abounded back then, there are no such denizens waiting for you at AAA Gaming.

The citizens of the old west were rough and ready, and they played to win. At AAA Gaming, you will find yourself drawn back to that wild time where your luck can turn on the draw of a card or a roll of the dice. Top-quality entertainment awaits you, so hitch your horse to the post and come on over!

As soon as I entered the site, I was glad I had my cowboy boots on. They fit right in with the surroundings. The high-quality graphics create a gold-rush atmosphere of fun and excitement. AAA Gaming is a place of unrestrained enjoyment where you can live out your buckaroo fantasies in the exciting casino or chill out in the sportsbook bleachers while waiting for the games to begin.

AAA Gaming Casino and Sportsbook is an international online casino operated by Atlantic West Gaming Entertainment, Ltd., one of the oldest and largest families of online ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล gaming sites, and is fully licensed and regulated by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. Using Starnet’s world acclaimed software, it offers high excitement with over 20 different casino-style games and a full service sportsbook. Fast payouts issued from major US banks means there is no waiting for foreign checks to clear.

Real money accounts use secure servers located in Antigua. All financial transactions take place in US Dollars in a quick and secure manner, utilizing the dedicated services of EFS Caribbean, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Starnet Communications International, Inc. EFS conducts all real money transactions and foreign currency exchanges using the SSL Protocol and 128-bit encryption encoding to ensure privacy and authentication of both server and client, and all deposits are insured. Every transaction is recorded, and a secure …

Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

Review of Internet Gambling Report IV on Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

One of the most explosive, and controversial, of Internet services has been on-line gambling. Hundreds, if not thousands, of sites have gone up in the last few years catering to the home gambler, and few topics have engendered such controversy, or such vacillation and half-measures, on the part of world governments. The 4th edition of the Internet Gambling Report is a collection of essays edited and partially written by Anthony Cabot.

One topic that this reviewer knows even more thoroughly than gambling issues is Internet service architectures. The Internet information provided in Internet Gambling Report is pretty solid. Some of it isn’t correct on every detail, but even where it isn’t correct to the letter it’s unlikely to mislead the reader, so I give the book reasonably high marks in this respect. I’d like to have seen some more thorough explanations and details in places, but of folks who read the book, I’m probably in the minority on that.

One inevitable downside of a book like this concerns the currency of the gambling information. The state of government regulation of on-line gambling is highly volatile and unforgiving of conventional publication schedules. The information contained in the Internet Gambling Report looks to have been quite accurate and thorough at the time it was written, but just in the few months between final edit and the time I wrote this review, the status of the proposed Kyl bill, the regulatory climate in Australia, and potential regulation in Nevada have changed the playing field substantially. It would seem that the opportunity to promote a newsletter, or at least having a web site that listed updates, would be a no-brainer, but I found no evidence that Cabot and his associates provide such a service.

As with any book, the big question is, “Should I buy and read it?” For Internet Gambling Report, I find this to be a tough question to answer simply. Instead, I’ll list a couple of prospective readership groups and analyze how this book will or won’t help them.

Internet Gamblers: While there’s a lot of information here on Internet gambling, …

Qiu Qiu

Money Management For Greyhound Qiu Qiu Players

Heading for the dog track? Then ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How MUCH money do you have to invest/gamble?
  2. Is it possible, with the use/play/risk of this much money, to multiply it?

Whenever you set about to increase your holdings, some degree of risk is involved. In general it is axiomatic not put more at risk than we can “afford” to lose. The word afford, of course, is relative. The amount may be more flexible to a totally independent individual than to those of us who are responsible not only to ourselves, but to others. You must not risk so much that it will deprive or harm those you care for.

That, then, brings us to the limits of your “bankroll”; how much you want to put at risk. If you go to the track with, say, $100, you may well, in the course of the racing card, actually wager several times that much. That is, you’ll make a bet, win, bet again, win, bet, lose, bet, etc., eventually shoving as much as $300 or more through the windows. How much did you risk? Of course, you risked $300. If you had a profit of $100 at the end of the evening, you’d have had an R.O.I., (Return On Investment), of 33%. Some might think you DOUBLED your money – arriving with $100, and leaving with $200. Not so! You have to think in terms of how much you profit, (or lose), on the amount you put at risk. This might seem academic at first. It’s not! To come out ahead in this game you have to know the level of R.O.I. you can, or cannot, achieve on certain types of races with certain types of wagers. A confused gambler is a loser. You’ve gotta know where you are, where not to go, and how best to get to where you want to be!

How much money does it take to make a profit at the dog track? You are not going to learn that answer here. You will, I hope, learn HOW to work out the right answer. No …


Ligaz11 Review of Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players, 21st Century Edition

In my opinion, Seven Card Stud is the commonly played poker game that is the most difficult to master. The combination of the large number of cards that are revealed, the large number of betting rounds, and the multitude of distinct starting hands makes this game especially difficult. Despite this, Stud is probably the most commonly spread game in the world, familiar to both high stakes casino rooms and kitchen tables around the world.


The book starts with introductory remarks and then gets into the first section, play on 3rd street. The authors state that 3rd street play is especially important in Stud and they devote one fifth of the book to this very topic. A large variety of circumstances are covered here, including many topics that weren’t covered in previous editions. There are a lot of ideas discussed here, including many that I haven’t seen discussed in other places. This section has been greatly expanded in the 21st Century Edition from previous editions of this book.


Next the authors consider play on later streets. Play becomes a lot more automatic here than it is on third street, but there are a lot of exceptions. The authors cover these in part two. Part three covers some miscellaneous topics, including defending against the ante steal, playing pairs against possible draws, free cards, and other similar topics. Both of these sections are well considered and clearly written.


Parts four and five deal with playing in non-standard games, part four covering loose games, part five covering other situations, including spread limit and short handed games. The information on loose games is greatly expanded from earlier editions of the book and contains a lot of new information, although not too surprisingly, much of the ligaz11 strategy considerations are similar to those discussed in the chapters on loose games in Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players. I found the section on spread limit games to be a little brief for my tastes, although expanding on it sufficiently would have increased the length of the book significantly. This isn’t a complaint with the book, …

Judi Bola Online

Dueling Judi Bola Online Portals

It’s fairly well publicized that fierce competition exists between online casinos and their web sites. But a new battle is heating up the competition among the casino players, and the choice of software suppliers determines which side the players fall on. We’re talking about the rivalry between the progressive jackpots of Microgaming and CryptoLogic.

The online progressive game phenomenon began in April 1999 when Microgaming introduced CashSplash, the first progressive online slot machine. The $1 slot game was tied to multiple Microgaming licensees, providing a faster growing jackpot and a larger base from which to draw players.

The bid paid off and within a year, millions of dollars had been paid out to hundreds of players. A couple of years later, Microgaming introduced the JackpotMadness portal to facilitate marketing the suite of progressive games that had been introduced since the popularity of CashSplash became apparent.

Meanwhile, Microgaming’s challenger, CryptoLogic had quietly been rolling out its own collection of progressive online games. And not to be outdone, the JackpotMania portal site was launched, again to facilitate the marketing of progressive games.

The information provided at each site is laid out similarly, but the inherent qualities of Microgaming and CryptoLogic incur most players to side with one or the other, which is probably what has sparked the battle to attract players. After all, size matters when you’re talking about progressive jackpots.

One glaring difference between the offerings can be found in the number of pooled Judi Bola Online casinos that participate in each software supplier’s progressives. Seventy participating casino sites carry one or more of Microgaming’s progressive games. This creates a very large player base, which in turn creates very large jackpots in a short amount of time.

On the other side of the fence is CryptoLogic, which has 12 casinos pooling players and jackpots. One way that Crypto makes up for the difference is by offering jackpots with higher base amounts; two of them start at $100,000.

Both portal sites offer automatic e-mail notifications of jackpots over a specified amount, supposedly so that you will play after the jackpot has reached …

918KISS แตกง่าย 2021

Bank on Pai Gow 918KISS แตกง่าย 2021Poker

Pai Gow Poker is one of the top ten best casino bets because of the low casino advantage. I suggest in my Casino Gambling Made Easier books and booklets that intelligent gambling means playing those games and strategies that have a casino advantage of less than 3%.

Basic rules follow and are offered for novice players seeking to add another casino game to their playbook.

Pai gow poker is an American derivative played with standard playing cards requiring that the player set two hands–a high and a second highest–trying to beat the banker’s two hands.

The cards in pai gow poker are ranked like standard poker hands; the exception being that one joker is found in the deck and can be played as an ace or the high card to finish a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush. You must win both hands to win your bet and the house receives a commission on all winning hands. All players play against the banker, which could be the dealer, or a player putting up the required funds. Each player receives seven cards and must make two poker hands, the high hand made up of five cards and the low hand containing two cards. The highest five-card hand is five aces and the highest two-card hand is two aces based on poker rankings.

A Pai-Gow Poker table has six players’ seats and a dealer, similar to a blackjack table. The player’s high hand is displayed closest to the space in front of them, while the 2nd highest or low two-card hand is placed on top of the high hand towards the dealer. A chung or marker is set in front of the banker.

Rotation is counterclockwise, dealer shuffles and deals seven hands of seven cards face down, which equals 49 cards, therefore, 4 are left in the deck.

Receiver of the first hand is determined by a dice throw from a cup containing three dice. After all the players receive their seven cards face down, they must form two hands.

The most important rule to remember when playing is that the …

Pkv Games

George’s Pkv Games Premiership Predictions

The Premiership moves on after the midweek matches in Europe. Only Chelsea and Spurs out the Premiership teams actually won. Liverpool drew and the others all lost.

Manchester City will have every hope of continuing their 100% record with a home Pkv Games game against West Ham, who have won at both Arsenal and Liverpool.

Manchester United face Southampton in another tricky away fixture. The Reds lost 2-1 to Swansea in their last fixture on the road. United will be without ex-Saint Luke Shaw after the young full back broke his leg in the game against PSV.

The standout fixture over the weekend is Chelsea v Arsenal with Chelsea enjoying a morale-boosting win at home while Arsenal lost dismally at the Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Chelsea 2 v Arsenal 1

Aston Villa 1 v West Brom 1

Bournemouth 2 v Sunderland 1

Newcastle 1 v Watford 0

Stoke 2 v Leicester 0

Swansea 2 v Everton 1

Man City 3 v West Ham 1

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Tottenham 2 v Crystal Palace 1

Liverpool 2 v Norwich 1

Southampton 1 v Man Utd 1

Victor Ibarbo hopes he will be given the opportunity to show what he can do when Watford play Newcastle United this weekend. The 25-year-old Colombia international joined the Hornets on loan from Cagliari on transfer deadline day and was an unused substitute against Swansea City on Saturday. Ibarbo, who featured in three games for his country at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, said: “I’m always ready and hopefully soon I will play and show everybody what I can do. “I’m going to bring what my team-mates are already doing as I think they have started the season very well. I have a lot of pace and I think that is one of my main strengths as a player.” Watford are available at 8/1 with bet365 to beat Newcastle 1-0, with Ibarbo 3/1 to score at any time against Steve McClaren’s side.

Soccer – Martinez wary of in-form Ayew

Everton boss Roberto Martinez has been impressed with the signings Saturday’s opponents …