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Citadel Commerce Corp announced at the site its offering of myCitadel as an instant payment option at the casino.


MyCitadel permits players to store real cash online. The funds are easily transferred into the myCitadel wallet, directly from a bank. The option enables gamblers to transfer funds to banking accounts, make purchases from Situs Judi Online participating Internet merchants and so on. The banking information and personal details are strictly confidential and are never given to third parties. Sounds like the myCitadel wallet is idea for playing poker online at the casino:


Players can create real-time accounts online, deposit funds on the most popular depositing lines, while making instant purchases at no cost from participating merchants.


Guaranteed funds, free payouts, and Situs Judi Online tiered rate structures based on payment history of the consumers, purchased from merchants participating is a promising reward!

MyCitadel takes playing poker online a step further by offer access to merchants, offering some of the largest databases online linking to consumers that are actively utilizing myCitadel and Citadel Checks as their primary payment method.


Citadel Commerce Corp is located in British Columbia, Canada, with a subsidiary in Gibraltar. It is a highly recognized payment-processing brand in the industry. Sports Casino Poker is located in San Jose, Costa Rica, and is federally licensed by the Costa Rican and UK government. One of the pioneers of online gambling, is one of the most prestigious online gambling brands. It was Situs Judi Online recently valued at more than $1 billion (USD) and listed in the Power 25 of online companies.