Breaking News: Argh, more news – The return of David Brent!!

August 2001 was when The Office first hit our screens. This site, soon after.

I thought I was free!

A decade on, and still, with all the other ways you can find out, I still feel the need to chuck this news story up!

But news it is, and that’s the unspoken vow of the true fansite runner.

Oh, 27th Jan, some USA channel, I got no idea when we’ll see it in the UK.

But I’ll let you know when I do…

No more news

Well, that’s that as far as The Office is concerned. The DVDs have been released around the world, we won’t be seeing David Brent again, and I’m pretty sure this site will answer all your questions about the show (and then some).

Would just like to say thanks to all the people who have got in contact with me over the years-without them it wouldn’t be the monster it is today!

So please enjoy the site, learn things about jelly you never wanted to know, and find out which character you are. It’ll surprise you!