Hogg at home

Firstly, I’d like to say I have no idea why anyone would want to recreate the Wernham Hogg office. But I have no idea why someone would spend three and a half months planning and executing the exact conditions needed to simulate a stapler being placed in some jelly. Whatever.

The Original Billy Big Mouth Bass!

As seen in The Office!!

Make sure you’ve got enough batteries though!

Simply click on the Big Boy’s Toys banner below and search for Billy Big Mouth. I feel I should say now that these are not easy to find online. But you don’t have to make the effort now that I have! Face it, you want one, you want one you want one you want one (nothing subliminal about this site) you want one you want one you want…..

That annoying cookie jar thing!

Thanks to Steven Stringer to pointing this one out to me, because apparently they’re available in BHS in Leicester, and probably many other stores around the country. Or if you don’t like BHS for some reason, try Log Cabin Decor-more.com or many other US based stores. I can’t find an online store based in the UK that sells them, but the above will ship to most countries in the world it seems.