Support for introduction of `good casinos’

Good casinos _ legalised gambling establishments with strong regulations _ would do no harm, Chulalongkorn lecturer Pornsak Pongpaew believes.


He said the need for good casinos became apparent because casinos across the border were unregulated, and in effect served as money laundering places.


The lecturer also believes good casinos will help help block money flowing out of the country from Thai gamblers who visit cross-border gambling venues in the East, North, and South.


Mr Pornsak led a research team on “The problems of border casinos,” which found that more than 95% of gamblers visiting border casinos were Thai and included many prominent politicians.


It also showed that more than 55 per cent of respondents, while aware of the negative impact of gambling, supported the idea of legalised casinos.


His research showed money laundering happened in two ways at border casinos _ casino operators laundered their illicit money through the business, while gamblers changed their money into betting chips and then cashed them in again without gambling.


Smoking bans apply to Vic gaming areas from today


MELBOURNE, Sept 1 AAP – Almost all Victorian gaming venues will be completely smoke-free from today. Under laws introduced by state government, smoking will be banned in 99 per cent of Victorian gaming venues, including the main gaming floor of Crown Casino and the state’s 23 bingo centres. About 5,000 pubs will also have to provide smoke-free areas. Only pubs with just one bar area will be exempt from the requirement. Announcing the expansion of the bans last week, Health Minister John Thwaites said it followed the success of smoke-free dining, which had overwhelming community support. He said further smoking bans were possible, depending on the success of the new reforms. “The public are voting with their feet. They are saying they want a safe, smoke-free environment,” he said.


“Clearly, they know their customers better,” says Todd Jordan, an analyst at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Inc. and the Wall Street Journal’s No. 1 gaming stockpicker this year. “That’s translated into better same-store sales than the industry average,” Jordan …