Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant made a show called The Office. They’d have been mad to predict how popular it would become. David Brent, boss of the Slough branch of fictional paper merchants Wernham Hogg is now an instantly recognisable character, and the DVD of the first series became the BBC’s best ever selling comedy DVD or something like that. Anyway, enjoy the site, and if you want to link to it from anywhere, please use this link here. Thanks.…

Breaking News: Argh, more news – The return of David Brent!!

August 2001 was when The Office first hit our screens. This site, soon after.

I thought I was free!

A decade on, and still, with all the other ways you can find out, I still feel the need to chuck this news story up!

But news it is, and that’s the unspoken vow of the true fansite runner.

Oh, 27th Jan, some USA channel, I got no idea when we’ll see it in the UK.

But I’ll let you know when I do…

No more news

Well, that’s that as far as The Office is concerned. The DVDs have been released around the world, we won’t be seeing David Brent again, and I’m pretty sure this site will answer all your questions about the show (and then some).

Would just like to say thanks to all the people who have got in contact with me over the years-without them it wouldn’t be the monster it is today!

So please enjoy the site, learn things about jelly you never wanted to know, and find out which character you are. It’ll surprise you!…

The Brent Dance

David Brent doing his improvised “fuse of Flashdance with MC Hammer” dance is one of the highlights of the second series.

In the same way that when someone comes up to you on the street and says “stapler in jelly”, you’ll instantly be reminded of Tim making fun of Gareth, if they were to say “David Brent dancing about”, then you’re bound to think of, er, David Brent dancing about.

So I cooked up this little page to honour it.

You can see clip of the dance, which some mystery person compressed into a nice little mpg file here.

Trivia: The tune hummed during the dance is taken from the introduction to Disco Inferno by The Trammps. This was the groups only really big hit, reaching number nine in the R&B charts in 1977. Because the groups is relatively unknown, a fair few of you will be thinking that I’ve spelt their name with an extra ‘m’.

Two little flash things:

David Brent dancing-flash style!

It’s incredible what you can do with technology nowadays…

The secret behind the dance

Do It Yourself

On 26th November 2002, I put the final touches to my guide to the BrentDance.

I can assure you I’m not a journalist, but I obviously think like one! I say this because in the issue of the Radio Times that was published on 3rd December, they did a guide! And in The Sun on the 6th December-was also a guide! Anyway, now neither publication is in the shops any more, here are their guides (beware big images):

Not a lot of people…

Apparently, on New Year’s Day 2003, this happened (taken from
“Three minutes into the second half Wycombe took the lead. Michael Simpson curled in a corner from the left and Roger Johnson headed the ball in at the back post. The resultant celebration matched his nickname, ie magic. He ran to the side of the pitch and performed the David Brent dance from The Office.”
And as if you needed proof: